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Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust

The Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust (VFWT) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to conserve wildlife and natural ecosystems in the Victoria Falls region of Zimbabwe. The VFWT work directly with communities to encourage good environmental stewardship, provide scientific solutions to today’s wildlife management challenges, and rescue, rehabilitate and release wildlife injured through human interference. This important work happens only through the kindness of people like you.


The Vic Falls Villa are proud partners of VFWT, and through them, are GIVING BACK to the environment: with every night spent at the villa, $1 is donated towards wildlife conservation.



Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust has rescued hundreds of animals trapped in wire snares, and rehabilitated and released all animals injured through human interference. If an injury or circumstances of the animal’s health deem it unfit for release, they care for the animal for the duration of its life.


VFWT are partners in cross-border vulture, lion and rhino conservation work and their Wildlife Diagnostics and Veterinary Laboratory is a regional hub for screening and preventing zoonotic diseases. The lab also works with wildlife authorities to combat the illegal wildlife trade through forensic testing, helping wildlife authorities to prosecute criminals involved in wildlife crimes.


The Trust hosts weekly conservation education programs and works with local schools to improve knowledge in and out of the classroom on conservation and wildlife. Wildlife ambassadors such as Sylvester the cheetah, and Judge the white backed vulture, inspire an enthusiastic thirst for knowledge among the students and teachers alike when the visit VFWT each week.


VFWT help communities living at the interface of wildlife by finding solutions to human-wildlife conflict. Their “Community Guardians” mitigate elephant crop-raiding incidents and their mobile predator proof boma program keeps livestock safe at night.

If you would like to visit the Trust during your stay in Victoria Falls, and get the opportunity to see their wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center and disease diagnostics and forensics laboratory, please speak to management staff at The Vic Falls Villa and they will be happy to arrange this for you.

Visit to learn more about the Trust or to make a direct donation to support them.

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